The League of Polish Chess Programs

The League of Polish Chess Programs emerged in order to help polish authors of chess programs to test new versions of their programs and play in short time (about 4 weeks) some tourneys played with 3 time controls:
"blitz" - 5 minutes per game,
"active" - 15 minutes with 5 seconds increment for the whole game,
"long" - 70 minutes with 10 seconds increment for the whole game,
which can help in improvement of playing strength.

Polish authors can report their programs by email to or on polish forum PROGSZACH. The deadline for reporting new version will be posted on PROGSZACH.

As the Guests there are in LPPS:
Tord Romstad, author of program Glaurung, nice citizen of Norway, who got "Honour Polish Citizenship" for supporting polish chess programmers.
Alex Morozov, author or program Booot, nice citizen of Ukraine, who got "Honour Polish Citizenship" for polish-ukrainian friendship.

Tourneys will be played in cycles. In each cycle the changes of programs' versions will be allowed only in extraordinary cases.
In each edition programs will be divided into 2 groups.
In each group 3 tourneys will be played: "Blitz" (fast time control) - 2 rounds, "Active" (active chess) - 2 rounds and "Long" (long time control) - 4 rounds.

After each odd edition there will be match Poland-Rest of World. Seven best programs (excluding programs of Tord and Alex) will play with seven programs of foreign authors - 6 games Round Robin ("Blitz" - 2 games, "Active" - 2 games and "Long" - 2 games).

The results of tourneys will be published on LPPS page and on polish chess forum PROGSZACH. Reclamation will be possible for 48 hours from the date of results' publication. Reclamation has to be announced on plish chess forum PROGSZACH.